Guangdong heyuan established shopping centre opened
On December 23, heyuan city, the first shopping center - JJ - MALL (solid shopping center) open their doors.

As heyuan first one-stop shopping center, JJ - MALL officially opened to be eagerly anticipated by his if city people's biggest event.

Open in jjmall scene, otc traffic flow, crowds; Based on the busy and crowded, merchants. Decathlon, mannings, hot air stores such as unusually hot; China international, zhuifeng ice world, r paradise, star legend, adventure island adventure playground child theme of stream of people is an endless stream; Flavor food court, McDonald's and nine, nine hair impression stewing pot pot addiction three juice, lemon grass, Thai restaurant operations such as the front lines and ka wah feast also in the run-up to the first party. 

According to statistics, the jjmall capacity reach 100000 people.
As a model of Chinese style shopping center, the investment of 1.5 billion yuan, a total construction area of about 220000 square meters, has 1600 parking lots of beer and skittles "one-stop" work style leisure shopping experience. He pioneered guangdong first station of northeast consumption experience - JJ Mall.
12月23日,河源市首个购物中心――JJ MALL(坚基购物中心)开门迎客。

作为河源首个一站式购物中心,JJ MALL的正式开业成为槎城市民翘首以盼的一大盛事。


作为中国式购物中心的典范,这个投资15亿元、总建筑面积约22万平方米、拥有1600个停车位的吃喝玩乐一站式休闲购物体验shoppingmall开创粤东北消费体验第一站-JJ Mall。

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