Baixin square upgraded
Really no longer need main department store shopping center, "go to department store" is the trend of The Times? The answer is clearly no. Guangzhou ten years lease has already retail giants - acquired department has been successful contract with baixin square, further establish for the mall store its important status.

360000 ㎡ syntheses

Business circle by the center for ten years, guangzhou flower gradually to the situation of flowering transition all around, the clouds wanda plaza, no. 5 the apron and KaiDeYun still is getting ready for the opening of new arrivals soon, baiyun district has been increased from the urban-rural fringe suburbs commercial, moved to the urbanization comprehensive business circle, baiyun metro in high-end business market pattern in the next three to six years is expected to gradually forming.

In order to win the advantage in the competitive market, baixin square is planning a bigger development blueprint. Expand after baixin plaza, a total construction area will reach 360000 square meters, including 270000 square meters of commercial mall 50000 square meters, 50000 square meters serviced apartments, office buildings and hotels and other property, which runs the shopping center of 100000 square meters, start a new phase in 2013, including shopping malls and office property, a total of 100000 square meters, is expected to be put into use in August in 2015.

For landmark building domestic high-end consumption, planning in complex business office, hotel, shopping center and pedestrian street. Baixin square introduce high-end supermarkets, become the guangzhou "double supermarket and a department store" large shopping center.







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